Mezcal is paradoxical. It is at once rustic and refined, ceremonial and fun. It’s rooted in a culture that’s thousands of years old and yet it’s only now catching on with bartenders and sommeliers.

Compared to tequila, mezcal is utterly untamed. In fact, that’s why we named ours Bozal – to connote the wild agave species it’s made from and the forgotten communities where it’s distilled. Once you’ve explored mezcal, tequila and pretty much every other spirit seems ho-hum in comparison.

In keeping with mezcal’s provincial nature, the design team at Swig created a series of rustic ceramic bottles that allude to the traditional copitas, or cups, used for drinking it. This was a bold choice for our client to have made – and a difficult one to execute – but that’s what’s required to shine in the craft spirits market.