Lindblad Expeditions is a luxury adventure travel company that sails to places like Antarctica, Galapagos and the Amazon – the most remote and pristine places on the planet. While the experience is 5-star, it most emphatically is not a cruise. Lindblad is for adventurers.

Our charter was to convey the brand promise that Lindblad does whatever it takes to create unforgettable experiences. Our recipe for the work was to put the guest in a spectacular environment and say something revealing about it. To make the guest the hero and Lindblad the guide who makes the moment possible.

Below is a selection of spreads from one of their catalogs, beginning with the inside cover that manifests the tagline: the exhilaration of discovery.

The thunder of a tidewater glacier calving
a house-size block of ice right before your eyes.
That’s the exhilaration of discovery.
A 10-ton Orca appears as if on cue.
It’s not Hollywood but it is a production.
The exhilaration of discovery
without the threat of hypothermia.
If you can’t get the coffee right,
there’s no hope for the coq au vin.