Thumb through an issue of any local luxury publication – Napa Sonoma Magazine, for example – and you’ll see page after page of real estate ads all with the same vineyard or estate imagery. They are indistinguishable.

My client agreed to go a different route and try to connect with luxury buyers on an emotional level. What are they seeking when they come to Wine Country, we asked?

This campaign explores the psyche of second home owners.

Your children. Your children’s children. Your inner child.
They all need a place to play.


On their journey to Wine Country the sun’s rays travel 93 million miles.
And when you’re here, it makes The City seem that much farther away.


A vintage wristwatch. A classic automobile. A collectible painting.
None are a match for the sheer joy of having a monogrammed robe
to wear around your own damn pool.


Live in the moment. Take long walks. Get lots of rest.
If you’re gonna work like a dog you might as well play like one.